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Use of AI/ML in Life Sciences

Use of AI/ML in Life Sciences
Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Artificial intelligence is pushing the pharma industry forward, but where does the road go? Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing how pharma organizations operate to identify treatment-ready patients, accelerate drug discovery, size marketing, enhance post-launch promotional marketing, and much more. To put a spotlight on both the biggest benefits and concerns regarding the use of AI/ML in pharma, Definitive Healthcare reached out to pharma companies through an online survey conducted in July 2023. We learned from leaders, decision-makers, end-users, and other professionals how the use AI/ML today, and what their hopes and concerns are for the future to create the "September 2023 Industry Report: Use of AI/ML in Life Sciences".

During this webinar we’ll discuss some of these survey results and interviews and share our thoughts on the future of AI/ML in the future of pharma and the overall healthcare market. Webinar attendees can receive the full report and an opportunity to connect with our panelists in a follow-up conversation.

Uncovering Line Of Therapy (LoT) Insights for Improved HCP Engagement

Uncovering Line Of Therapy (LoT) Insights for Improved HCP Engagement
Wednesday, 22 March 2023

We will convene one or more life science analytics experts to explore the advantages of using commercial and Medicare data to understand patient journeys. The experts focused on cancer care/rare disease will discuss insights gained from time-based analysis and use it to find newly diagnosed patients and patients where disease progression has required changes in LoT.

The webinar will discuss the following questions:

  • Why is it important to follow the patient journey:
    • From pre-Medicare eligible to Medicare eligible?
    • From the first line of treatment to later lines of therapy?
  • How to evaluate the drugs in the market basket?
  • What’s the lookback period?
  • What are your best practices for asserting with combos or line switching?
  • How to leverage data to better manage provider outreach?


  • Ashish Patel, Chief Growth Officer and co-founder, CareSet
  • Amy Bamford, Business Development Director, CareSet
  • Tom Boulay, Deciphera, Senior Director of Commercial Insights

Using Patient Claims Data to Model & Risk Stratify the U.S. Asthma Population

Using Patient Claims Data to Model & Risk Stratify the U.S. Asthma Population
Sunday, 15 January 2023

Asthma presents a large burden to the U.S. healthcare system:

  • Estimated prevalence of 26 million
  • Annual health expenditure of approximately $50B
  • Severe flare-ups account for 1.7 million emergency department visitsannually

An unmet need for more advanced treatment persists.

In this webinar, Pfizer and Veeva will discuss how they modeled asthma exacerbation risk factors. Using longitudinal medical and pharmacy claims data, they investigated:

  • The landscape of asthma in the U.S.
  • COVID-19-related trends
  • Which risk factors predict asthma exacerbations across all providersettings

Their findings show how patient data can be integral to identifying the right patient sub-groups for drug development and to inform better disease management strategies for patients.


  • Andres Quintero, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A., Global Medical Affairs Director, Glucocorticoid Portfolio Lead, Pfizer
  • Patryk Skowron, Ph.D., Data Scientist, Veeva Systems - Commercial Analytics

Unravel RWD with Advanced Analytical Frameworks to Strategically Prepare for Commercial Biosimilar Launch

Unravel RWD with Advanced Analytical Frameworks to Strategically Prepare for Commercial Biosimilar Launch
Tuesday, 19 January 2021

In the epoch of thriving Biosimilars launch phase, ever wondered why they haven’t been as successful as their reference Biologic product? The conventional brand launch strategies fail when it comes to Biosimilar launches as there is a huge gap in terms of awareness about Biosimilar products & Bioequivalence, Targeting, and Messaging. Therefore, it is important for the Pharma companies to understand the key drivers and the associated stakeholders that determine the success of a Biosimilar launch.

In this webinar, we will be discussing how to leverage RWD to build robust analytical framework for targeting the most influential stakeholders and positioning the Biosimilar for a strategic commercial launch.

Janani is Consultant at D Cube Analytics, she comes with 6+ years of experience in supporting Market Planning and Brand teams with analytical solutions to make strategic data driven decisions. She has extensively worked on Oncology, Neuro and Immunology therapeutic areas covering a spectrum of business problems - Pre/Post Drug Launch Strategic Analysis, Patient Chart Audits, Physician-level data analytics, Sales Force Effectiveness and Primary Market Research

Daniel is an Associate Consultant at D Cube Analytics, who has around 5+ years of experience in supporting the analytical needs of the regional and global brand teams in their quest towards building-up next-gen strategies across launch and pre-launch space. He brings in expertise on the Inflammation therapeutic area and has solved business problems pertaining to sales and commercial analytics, Payer and Provider analytics, and also Patient treatment dynamics by leveraging syndicated data sources and extensive market research.


  • Janani Damodaran, Consultant at D Cube Analytics
  • Daniel Britto, Associate Consultant at D Cube Analytics

Using Patient Data to Better Understand Disease Progression

Using Patient Data to Better Understand Disease Progression
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Diseases like NASH traditionally require an invasive liver biopsy to positively identify patients. When no therapies exist on the market, healthcare providers often hold off on performing a biopsy, resulting in a significant number of undiagnosed patients. By harnessing large clinical encounter data sets, we can begin to understand the patient populations at each stage and severity of disease, leading to better guidance of treatment development and delivery.


  • Dr. Aswin Chandrakantan, Chief Medical Officer & SVP Corporate Development, Komodo Health

Using Closed-Loop Measurement to Take your DTC Marketing to the Next Level

Using Closed-Loop Measurement to Take your DTC Marketing to the Next Level
Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Pharma spends nearly $4 billion a year on direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising with no signs of slowing down. Yet, many pharma companies still struggle to analyze and optimize linear TV and digital marketing because they don’t know which components most effectively drive patient behavior and impact sales. By linking TV and digital ad exposure to health data in a privacy-safe way, clients can customize metrics to measure real world health actions and ultimately ROI.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate closed-loop measurement success through a client’s experience analyzing a specific TV campaign’s reach to a qualified audience and the campaign’s success in prompting action (for example: visiting a doctor, scheduling a screening, getting a script for the brand, etc.). Attendees will learn from this real-world example how closed-loop measurement provides best practices for directly measuring an advertisement’s impact on the patient journey and collaborating with creative and media agencies.


  • Greg Fry, Patient and Consumer Marketing Analytics, ZS Associates

Use of AI/ML Techniques in Sales Planning and Operations

Use of AI/ML Techniques in Sales Planning and Operations
Wednesday, 22 May 2019

In the last few years, many companies have started to implement AI/ML practices to elevate user experience. Common examples of AI/ML include movie recommendations on Netflix, self-drive cars from Google, and photo tagging face recognition on Facebook. Pharmaceutical companies are also exploring ways to leverage AI/ML to improve the efficiency of their Operations and Sales teams. For example, AI/ML techniques can be used to perform early-stage error detection during data ingestion processes, leading to significant time and cost reductions. Additionally, AI/ML techniques can be utilized to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sales representatives by providing them suggestions on next best actions. Throughout this session, we will be covering use cases of advanced AI/ML techniques to help pharmaceutical companies answer three key questions when working on Commercial Operations projects:

  • How can AI/ML techniques help improve incentive compensation execution?
  • How can AI/ML assist the sales reps in determining the next best target to call on?
  • How can AI/ML help with optimizing territory alignments?


  • Tej Pandey, Lead, Commercial Excellence, Axtria;
  • Ellie Houck, Consultant, Commercial Excellence, Axtria; and Landi Huang, Consultant, Commercial Excellence, Axtria