Use of AI/ML Techniques in Sales Planning and Operations


In the last few years, many companies have started to implement AI/ML practices to elevate user experience. Common examples of AI/ML include movie recommendations on Netflix, self-drive cars from Google, and photo tagging face recognition on Facebook. Pharmaceutical companies are also exploring ways to leverage AI/ML to improve the efficiency of their Operations and Sales teams. For example, AI/ML techniques can be used to perform early-stage error detection during data ingestion processes, leading to significant time and cost reductions. Additionally, AI/ML techniques can be utilized to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sales representatives by providing them suggestions on next best actions. Throughout this session, we will be covering use cases of advanced AI/ML techniques to help pharmaceutical companies answer three key questions when working on Commercial Operations projects:

  • How can AI/ML techniques help improve incentive compensation execution?
  • How can AI/ML assist the sales reps in determining the next best target to call on?
  • How can AI/ML help with optimizing territory alignments?


  • Tej Pandey, Lead, Commercial Excellence, Axtria;
  • Ellie Houck, Consultant, Commercial Excellence, Axtria; and Landi Huang, Consultant, Commercial Excellence, Axtria

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