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Navigating the New Landscape with LLM-Powered Analytics for Life Sciences

Navigating the New Landscape with LLM-Powered Analytics for Life Sciences
Wednesday, 31 January 2024

Join our insightful webinar to explore the dynamic intersection of artificial intelligence and life sciences. In this session, we will delve into the groundbreaking advancements in generative AI and large language models (LLMs) and their transformative impact on advanced analytics in life sciences. Our experts will guide you through the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities that AI-driven analytics offer in this rapidly evolving field.

Key Learnings:

  • Understanding AI in Life Sciences: Gain a comprehensive overview of how AI, particularly LLMs, are revolutionizing analytics.
  • Practical Applications and Case Studies: Discover real-world examples where generative AI and LLMs have significantly advanced actionable insights for commercial organizations.
  • Buy vs Build: Explore the strategic decision-making process on Buy vs Build when navigating the choices for AI and large language models in life sciences.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in your field. Register now to secure your spot in this enlightening journey into the future of life sciences powered by AI. Join us to be a part of this innovative conversation and transform the way you understand and utilize generative AI and LLMs in life sciences.


  • Amitabh Patil, Co-Founder and CTO, WhizAI
  • Saurabh Kelkar, Director, Account Management, WhizAI