Use of AI/ML in Life Sciences


Artificial intelligence is pushing the pharma industry forward, but where does the road go? Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing how pharma organizations operate to identify treatment-ready patients, accelerate drug discovery, size marketing, enhance post-launch promotional marketing, and much more. To put a spotlight on both the biggest benefits and concerns regarding the use of AI/ML in pharma, Definitive Healthcare reached out to pharma companies through an online survey conducted in July 2023. We learned from leaders, decision-makers, end-users, and other professionals how the use AI/ML today, and what their hopes and concerns are for the future to create the "September 2023 Industry Report: Use of AI/ML in Life Sciences".

During this webinar we’ll discuss some of these survey results and interviews and share our thoughts on the future of AI/ML in the future of pharma and the overall healthcare market. Webinar attendees can receive the full report and an opportunity to connect with our panelists in a follow-up conversation.

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