2023 Fall Symposium

Fall Symposium • Las Vegas, Nevada • November 9-10

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 Evolving Field Sales Planning & Incentive Compensation for Omnichannel Strategy Success

Life sciences companies are making multi-million-dollar investments in omnichannel strategy even though success is still elusive. Pharma commercial teams are being challenged by leadership to demonstrate the effectiveness and impact of omnichannel investments. Time is of critical essence for companies to identify and address the key bottlenecks of omnichannel strategy otherwise they risk dealing with ongoing sub optimal business outcomes while companies with successful omnichannel strategy forge ahead and gain significant competitive advantage.

This presentation will share strategic insights on current industry state from Axtria’s Customer Engagement Planning and Execution Industry Survey and will showcase tangible ways life sciences organizations can transform their field deployment and incentive compensation approaches to drive the success of their omnichannel strategy.

Speaker: Vineet Rathi - Principal, Axtria Inc.; Daniel Stewart, Senior Director, Commercial Excellence, Axtria Inc.

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 A New Era of Personalization: Applying Generative AI to Dynamic Customer Engagement

Our industry has witnessed profound changes to field planning and deployment in recent years. Challenges with personal promotion had been mounting in access restrictions and increased sophistication of non-personal outreach, only to reach a crescendo when the pandemic hit. As we seek to best equip field teams, our industry has transitioned from static call plans to intelligent, dynamic routing. This has created a need to catalog and interpret the data in simple, digestible formats. Where in the past a sales team may have been provided semesterly plans of action and been measured off of simple reach and frequency metrics, the commercial team of today is processing real-time trigger data, patient-originated events, lab data, and even predictive outputs.Using oncology as an example therapeutic area, life science organizations will see how they can meet patients and providers where they are, at the time of critical care events. We will demonstrate how combining data that can be flexibly queried with an intuitive technology platform can yield insights that accelerate a patient’s path to appropriate interventions. Participants will witness the migration away from table-based reports that the home office may distribute to their district managers to the next generation of intuitive reporting. In a joint effort between WhizAI and IPM.ai, both innovators in artificial intelligence, all functions at a manufacturer can have usable, real-time data at their fingertips.

Speakers: Dan Fisher - Managing Director and Practice Lead, Real Chemistry; Bijal Karande, Vice President, Partnerships and Pre-Sales, WhizAI

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TRACK A: Gen AI/LLM - Use Cases in Pharma — Leveraging Large Language Models for creating winning sales rep-triggered emails

Speakers: Vardhan DVL, Senior Manager of Client Services at Indegene; Samantha Nair, Associate Marketing Manager, Indegene; Nitin Raizada, Vice President of Enterprise Commercial Solutions at Indegene

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 TRACK B: Driving Field Execution to Next Level — Innovative Methods to Tackle Sales Force Sizing, Resource Allocation, and Scenario Planning due to the Growing Influence of Digital Promotional Tactics

In the post-pandemic era, there has been a significant change in the way doctors interact with pharmaceutical representatives. Many doctors have become less accessible to reps, opting for a no-see approach. This shift has presented a challenge for pharma companies, as it restricts their ability to engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs) through traditional in-person detailing. How can we make sure that all the critical HCPs are engaged with a mode that works well for them as well as for the pharmaceutical company?

Speaker: Anisha Jagadesan - Senior Manager, Genpact

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11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

TRACK A: Gen AI/LLM - Use Cases in Pharma — Demystifying Contextual Messaging for AI Powered Field Alerts with and Large Language Models

Speakers: Sambit Nandi - Data Science Manager, ZS Associates; Arrvind Sunder - Principal, ZS Associates

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TRACK B: Driving Field Execution to Next Level — Precision Targeting for Maximizing Pull-Through by Identification of High Propensity Targets

Speakers: Ankit Chhabra, CustomerInsights.AI

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 TRACK A: Gen AI/LLM - Use Cases in Pharma — Can ChatGPT Truly do Serious Data Analytics?

“Can ChatGPT truly do serious data analytics?” is an obvious and compelling question that needs to be addressed. The answer has huge and potentially transformative implications for our industry. ChatGPT is very powerful but not without shortcomings. It hallucinates and makes up very convincing but wrong answers. It has seen a drop in IQ since inception. Also, it is sometimes fickle. There are days it responds to a prompt and another when it refuses to answer the same prompt.

This talk describes the experiments, findings, and reflections on their implications. Three things stand out. First, we cannot overstate the importance of prompt engineering. Second, data analysis is a multi-step process where the outcome of one task largely dictates what the next task ought to be, making the original sequence of tasks obsolete as soon as something unexpected turns up. This dynamic refresh of the plan of actions requires a deep understanding of the intricacies of the larger picture. Third, before delving into the analysis, a seasoned data analyst will start off by seeking to understand the purpose of the analysis and how the results will be deployed. Can ChatGPT truly hold a candle to the data master?

Speakers: JP Tsang, PhD & MBA (INSEAD) - President of Bayser; Xiaohao Ji - Director of Commercial Analytics, Kyowa Kirin

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TRACK B: Driving Field Execution to Next Level — Data Science Methodologies for Successful Design and Implementation of Dynamic Call Planning

Speakers: Neha Rastogi, Director, Commercial Excellence, Axtria Inc.; Saurabh Sarker, Director, Commercial Excellence, Axtria Inc.

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02:00 PM - 02:45 PM

TRACK A: Gen AI/LLM - Use Cases in Pharma — Scaleable Conversational Capabilities Leveraging Generative AI

Speakers: Srivatsa Kanchibotla - Principal, Chief Data Scientist, TheMathCompany; Ashwin Gopalakrishnan - Partner, Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences practice, TheMathCompany

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 TRACK B: Driving Field Execution to Next Level — Unlocking the Power of ML-Powered Recommendation Engines for Superior CX

Engaging healthcare professionals (HCPs) with precision and personalization has never been more crucial. However, data reveals that a majority of HCPs feel that sales representatives do not completely understand their requirements well enough to provide them with personalized experiences. This presentation delves into the groundbreaking possibilities that machine learning-powered xAI recommendation engines can offer when assisting sales representatives with dynamic targeting for better CX.

The presentation outlines a four-step foundational blueprint for building such recommendation engines. It also covers the data sources to leverage (such as sales representatives’ feedback), the importance of making these recommendation models explainable to drive adoption among sales representatives, and much more. Innovations like these reshape the way sales representatives connect with HCPs and, in turn, transform patient outcomes. Don’t miss out!

Speakers: Arvind Dakhera - Senior Director, Data and Analytics at Indegene; Mario Nagathota - Director, Data and Analytics Solutions Business Partner at Otsuka; Nellai Srinivasan - Senior Manager, Data and Analytics at Indegene

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TRACK A: Gen AI/LLM - Use Cases in Pharma — Applications of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM) in Pharma Sales & Marketing

Speaker: Ayush Mundhra, CustomerInsights.AI

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 TRACK B: Driving Field Execution to Next Level — Unleashing the Power of Rep Notes: Extracting Actionable Insights through NLP driven Analysis

In the pharmaceutical industry, unlocking the wealth of knowledge embedded in a vast array of pharma representative notes is pivotal for enhancing sales strategies, fostering data-driven decision-making and ultimately optimizing interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Within life sciences organizations, there are usually multiple teams of reps operating in isolated silos--and the full potential of these valuable notes often remains untapped.

This innovative approach aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Intuitive Insights Across Therapeutic Areas and Business Units
  • Identification of Hot Topics, Trends and Key Client Remarks
  • HCP Conversation Summarization using Generative AI for Reps via CRM solutions

Speakers: Arvind Balaji Gunasekaran - Principal Consultant - Data Science, Trinity Life Sciences; Janani Gantal Damodaran - Principal Consultant, Trinity Life Sciences

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04:00 PM - 04:45 PM

 TRACK A: Gen AI/LLM - Use Cases in Pharma — The Magic of AI: How can Pharma Firms Benefit from the Latest AI Advances?

In this session we will walk through the latest AI advances that pharma firms can benefit from. Starting from digital ads using AI to using CoPilot in increasing effectiveness of our daily work. We will discuss specific examples that you can use immediately in your work.

Speaker: Ashish Agrawal, CEO ProcDNA

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 TRACK B: Driving Field Execution to Next Level — "How did it Land?": Uncovering the Psychological Dynamics of Effective Sales Reps

Success in the pharmaceutical industry relies on an effective sales force. A proactive approach is essential to evolve sales force effectiveness and incentive compensation planning. This involves a comprehensive understanding of why sales team members underperform.

Sales effectiveness depends on the interactions between physicians and reps, involving thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. To capture these elements, we advocate an approach that transcends the more siloed approach typically employed. Instead, we use a multi-level strategy incorporating:

  • Secondary prescribing data to identify high and low-performing reps and target segments
  • Rep ride-along and qualitative interviews with physicians to provide an in-depth insight into recent sales experiences, focusing on both hard and soft skills
  • A quantitative survey to evaluate reps using predetermined hard and soft performance metrics

This approach delves beyond traditional metrics, emphasizing soft factors like warmth, product knowledge, and personal brand, which are crucial for influencing physician behavior. It recognizes the importance of alignment between reps and target physicians and offers actionable recommendations for improving training and sales calls. Ultimately, this holistic understanding enhances sales force effectiveness, ensuring successful physician interactions.

Speaker: Andrew Pilecki, PhD - Associate Director, KMK Consulting Inc.

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 Panel Session: The Go-To-Market Evolution: Gen AI / LLMs’ Role in Pharma – Dispelling Myths and Seizing Opportunities

Objective of Panel discussion at PMSA has always been to generate energizing discussion with various viewpoints, discussing current use cases, opportunities, and challenges to provide our audience food for thought and to inspire them taking new initiatives in their respective organizations.

Key Discussion Points

  • What is Gen AI / LLM ? Role in Pharma
  • Potential benefits of Gen AI / LLMs i.e. why does Pharma Commercial leadership care about it? What will you be missing out if you don’t?
  • Case Studies (both Manufacturers / Vendors)
  • Challenges and Concerns: Data privacy, Salesforce buy-in, ethical considerations.
  • Regulatory Landscape: Is that worth the hassle for Go-To-Market efforts?
  • Measuring Success
  • Audience questions

Moderator: Mayank Misra - Managing Partner, Charles River Healthcare Partners, and interim Vice President, New Product Planning, Analytics & Operations, PharmaEssentia USA

Speakers: Yasser Ali - Vice President, Commercial Operations and Business Analytics at BeiGene; Cindie Dilley - US Head of Business Anaytics and Insights and Global Head of Advanced Analytics; Jessica Jarvis - Principal, ZS Associates; Vineet Rathi - Principal, Axtria Inc.

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09:15 AM - 10:00 AM

 Uncover Sub-National Opportunity Levers in Oncology – Patient Led Growth Strategy to Fuel Brand Growth and Optimize Field Action

Determine how patient unmet needs and local nuances/variations and drivers leading to certain decision in patient treatment helps armor pharma reps with the deep insights to enable impactful detailing which ultimately drives brand sales.

Speakers: Atharv Sharma - Advanced Data Science Manager, ZS Associates; Arrvind Sunder - Principal, ZS Associates; Manu Prasad - Decision Analytics Manager, ZS Associates

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Networking Break

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10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Effectively Predict Patient Discontinuation with Machine Learning/AI and Opportunities for Rx Switching using Real Time Competitive Market Alerts

Speaker: Ryan Sun - Sr. Director of Analytics, Claritas Rx

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11:00 AM - 11:45 PM

Use of AI/ML and ChatGPT Techniques to Determine Staging and Prognosis in Myelodysplastic Syndrome Patients in the Electronic Health Records (EHR) from Optum’s De-identified Market Clarity Database

Speaker: Vikash Verma - Director, Data Science, Optum Lifesciences - UHG

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