Successful AI Use Cases in Pharma


AI-ML can be used across various use cases in Bio Pharma. While popularly known to be used for identifying and accelerating new drug discovery & clinical applications especially in precision medicine, there is relevant and powerful application within the commercial setting as well to enable the right patients access to the right treatment at the right time.

In this presentation, Definitive Healthcare will showcase use cases across functions.

  • A primary care drug hone & target to optimize a narrow strategic opportunity successfully (T2d)
  • An expensive first in class statin with a niche indication find appropriate patients & broaden access
  • Enabled a Biotech to get to market faster via accelerated enrollment
  • Optimized patient compliance and reduced Patient Support Program spend via targeted interventions thru AI-ML predictive risk scoring of patients for non-compliance along with AI to determine top reason for non-compliance enabling right intervention at right time for right patient within Patient Hub

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