Power of Analytics to Optimize Promotional Investments As We Stabilize and Move Towards Reopening


When an unforeseen pandemic like COVID-19 causes catastrophic disruption to the global healthcare system, we can look at more innovative analytical approaches and technology to help guide brand’s planning and forecasting.

As the country reopens at different paces regionally, analyzing promotional mix in real time and against historical activities will be critical.

This webinar will share how to optimize promotional investments in this dynamic market using data to inform and predict factors that will impact brand sales. This includes identifying the optimal time, channel, and sequence at the brand, portfolio and regional level.

In this webinar, we will explore the impact of the pandemic on promotional execution strategy, focusing on success stories of how organizations are pivoting with agility to meet the challenges of the COVID-impacted environment; specifically, the following areas:

  • Optimizing promotional investment to account for loss /reduced personal promotions and its impact on brand forecast
  • Customizing channel sequence at segment and/or individual customer level


  • Paulomi Patel, Principal, Analytical Wizards
  • Mike Steward, Principal and Chief Digital Officer, Analytical Wizards

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Analytical Wizards

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