Launch Archetypes: The Bedrock of Successful Launch Strategies


Nearly half of all launches fail to meet first-year financial expectations. From the moment commercial planning begins, new product launches face a gauntlet of challenges. By applying a scoring model to new product launches, four archetypal launch profiles have been identified. Each Launch Archetype is defined by the product’s ability to fulfill a currently unmet need in the market and level of differentiation.

Understanding which Archetype defines a product’s launch can increase its chance of succeeding. Each Archetype comes with its own set of considerations, marketing implications, and associated launch challenges. Thus, a product’s Archetype should factor into key aspects of the launch plan including the product’s positioning, critical success factors (CSFs), key performance indicators, and the promotional budget.

Key Takeaways:

  • An understanding of Launch Archetypes and their market profiles
    • Science Sells
    • Market Shaping
    • Emphasize the Difference
    • Who Benefits
  • Strategic trends among Market Shaping launches
    • Market factors influencing the trends
    • Brand team responses to trends
  • How to use Archetypes when developing a launch plan
    • Identifying strategic themes
    • Enhancing product positioning
    • Developing Critical Success Factors
    • Determining promotional investment


  • Darin DeCarlo, Senior Principal & Segment Lead, Commercial Services, US - IQVIA
  • Bill McClellan, CoE Leader, Launch Excellence, Commercial Services, US – IQVIA

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