How AI Is Revolutionizing Pharma Healthcare Data Analytics and Patient Care


Not only are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) two of the hottest buzzwords in the life science industry, but the underlying technology is changing the entire landscape of pharma, biopharma, and biotech. Increasingly, these companies are utilizing AI/ML analytics to inform decision making across the development lifecycle – reducing costs and shortening timelines associated with traditional data analysis.

In this session, industry experts will share how powerful AI / ML analytics can be used in pre- and post brand launch to provide treatments more quickly to patients, followed by specific applications to:

  • Identify early signs of disease
  • Speed up clinical trial patient recruitment
  • Predict patients likely to respond to treatment options
  • Monitor adverse events and side effects
  • Estimate high-risk and rare disease patients
  • Understand patient’s journey from multiple lenses
  • Maximize promotional marketing and budget allocation

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