HCPs Segmentation on Predicted Brand Growth


Pharmaceutical industry is rapidly adopting Machine learning and Advanced Analytics to enhance their commercial strategies. To make any successful marketing and customer engagement efforts, it is necessary to know your customer/physician you are targeting and predicting new prescriptions/ patient’s growth gives us an edge while planning brand strategy. The ML applied engagement model can help in segmenting the prescribers into Brand Champions, Loyalists, Churners which can further help the marketing and SFE teams to effectively formulate messaging tactics accordingly. Primary objective of this model is to devise strategies to retain market shares among churners and reach out to them to get them migrate to a business driving segment. In this Webinar, we will be discussing about machine learning approach to segment the prescribers into Churners, Loyalist and Champions. This information can be used for adjusting call plans & targeting exercise, field force communication plan, personalizing communication across various channels, used to drive next best engagement communication models, etc.

Ankit Kohli is Data Science Lead in the space of AI, Machine Learning and Big Data helping organizations across globe in enabling the application of Advanced analytics. With over a decade of his professional experience, he is the lead in data sciences at D Cube Analytics. Prior to this he has worked in data sciences business engagements at Absolutdata, EXL and Cognizant (MarketRX) across industries implementing analytical frameworks to business strategies to augment revenue streams for the businesses.

Dheeraj Kathuria is a Consultant at D Cube's India office, has 6+ years of Industry experience in Data Analytics. He has analytics and data science experience across various industries like Pharma, Retail, FMCG, Automobile and Digital OTT platforms.


  • Ankit Kohli, Data Science Lead in the Space of AI, Machine Learning and Big Data
  • Dheeraj Kathuria, Consultant at D Cube's India Office

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