Groundbreaking Solutions Utilizing Large Language Model-Based Natural Language Processing


In an investigation aimed at grasping the nuanced experiences of cancer patients and their caregivers, we delved into vast data of online posts using advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques. Our approach involved dissecting elements like medications, illnesses, and treatments into standardized frameworks. By employing entity relationship mapping, we untangled the connections among these elements as described in user-generated content.

Drawing upon Large Language Models (LLMs), we distilled the texts into narratives centered around diseases. Our study illuminates the emotional and informational needs of patients and caregivers and proposes a practical solution to address these needs effectively through advanced technology.

We are in the early stages of developing a chatbot that can effectively utilize our solution and provide accurate and empathetic responses to common inquiries from patients and caregivers.


  • Rohit Marwah, Senior Principal Insights & Analytics, Definitive Healthcare
    Rohit Marwah is a seasoned Real-world Data Specialist, and Subject Matter Expert within the pharmaceutical, payer, and provider domains. With a robust background spanning over 15 years, he has spearheaded numerous sophisticated data analytics initiatives, shaping commercial, HEOR, payer, and provider strategies through the utilization of real-world evidence, social, and publication data. Currently serving in a dual capacity, Rohit Marwah assumes the role of Senior Principal of Advanced Analytics at Definitive Healthcare while also leading the Passport Patient Analytics Product. His academic credentials include a master’s degree in biotechnology and bioinformatics.
  • Subrat Mishra, Lead Data Scientist, Definitive Healthcare
    Subrat Mishra is a data science expert with a specific focus on Natural Language Processing, Generative AI, Graph Algorithms, and various facets of advanced Machine Learning. With more than 13 years of experience, he has adept leadership in managing computing and data science teams, effectively leveraging complex real-world data to drive innovative solutions and insights. He is a Lead Data Scientist helping address and solve intricate business challenges with the application of cutting-edge AI/ML techniques. He holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science, with a specialization in Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms.

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