From Multichannel to Omnichannel: How AI/ML Techniques Help Pharma Organizations Achieve Customer-Centricity, Part 1


Pharma companies are evolving to deliver a true omnichannel experience to their key customers. While it is crucial to develop both a personal and non-personal engagement plan for a multichannel strategy, a vital missing component is to connect next-best interactions and associated messaging across channels to create a harmonized omnichannel experience.

While a rep promotes his/her brand to an HCP, it is not common for the rep to discuss the brand’s digital presence, such as a published whitepaper or upcoming webinar to ensure prescribers are on-board digital channels. On the other end, brand marketers make considerable investments to engage customers using non-personal channels, but have no direct influence or control on the personal channel.

In this webinar series, we will review key challenges of interweaving personal and non-personal promotion to build an omnichannel customer engagement strategy. We will discuss ways to leverage AI/ML techniques to mine insights from complex and messy data and convert these insights to next-best-actions (NBAs) for sales professionals and other marketing channel providers. We will examine digital analytics KEY performance metrics and share an example of how these can be optimized for an email campaign for HCPs or patients. We will also showcase pharma industry-based case studies covering: customer journeys (across multiple digital channels, the journey analytics, and its impact on CX), and the power of AI/ML-based NBA suggestions in enhancing CX.

Part 1 will introduce a omnichannel customer engagement paradigm.


  • Devesh Verma and Geeta Padbidri, Axtria (Part 1)
  • Robert Mozenter and Ilker Oruc, Axtria (Part 2)

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