Exploring The Patient as a Person, Session 3: Integrating Real-World Data - How to Assess the Value


The previous webinar focused on the strengths and weaknesses of each type of patient-level data. As you learned, while there are many strengths in each type, there are also gaps. Many of these gaps can hinder answering your complete research question. So how can you use real-world data and not compromise your research? The answer is in integration, bringing these datasets together.

This webinar will examine different methods for integrating RWD so that you can answer your patient-centric research objective. As part of this integration, the webinar will also examine how integrating other types of datasets with traditional RWD can offer unique insights in ways that could never be done before. Specific user cases and research questions will be examined to help illustrate RWD integration.


  • Tom Haskell, Global Head of Data Analytics, Kantar Health

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Kantar Health

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