Evolve Your Commercial Strategy with Next-Generation Projection Capabilities


Reliable data projections is a cornerstone of analytics in the Life Sciences industry, from market share tracking, territory sizing, to incentive compensation and more. Since projections rely heavily on claims, which are not a random sampling, the foundation of these analyses often suffer from biases and gaps. This makes projecting data difficult and time-consuming, often leading to incorrect results. 

Understanding true market dynamics requires a diverse set of deeply characterized sources, as well as coverage profiles of each contributing source to enable the calculation of reliable insights. 

Join Dr. Paul Gurney, Senior Vice President, Data Product Management at Komodo Health, in an upcoming webinar to learn about Komodo’s best-in-class projection methodology and real-world example outputs.

In this session, Dr. Gurney will share:

  • Our methodology behind the most robust projections available (74% higher than legacy aggregators), and how it differs from traditional approaches
  • Avoiding and accounting for areas of low visibility when projecting subnationally
  • Creating outputs on metrics of interest beyond NRx and TRx

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