Driving Commercial Success with AI: Build, Calibrate and Operationalize


In today’s cutthroat life sciences marketplace, commercial effectiveness in all its parts has never been so important. From field force effectiveness to optimization of promotional investment through to Next Best Action implementation, tailoring the customer experience through content and tactics is the focus. Cross-functional coordination across teams and operationalizing at scale are the goal. Come join Nabha Subramanya, VP of Data Science at Trinity Life Sciences and Anushank Anand, Director in Trinity’s Analytics practice, as they walk through the evolving omnichannel landscape and touch on the data science platforms and capabilities—as well as the “life sciences”-specific insights and expertise—that drive commercial success:

  • Building an ML ecosystem
  • Calibrating promotional strategies and campaigns in response to outcome and response metrics
  • Operationalizing your ML systems

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Trinity Life Sciences

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