Data Optimization Unleashed: Driving Pharma Success with LLM-Powered Analytics


Join our webinar to learn about an innovative system to significantly ease the discovery of pharmaceutical insights! Dive into the automated low-code/no-code process to swiftly create a dynamic data foundation and feature store. Introducing the novel utilization of Large Language Model (LLM) for fast, natural-language-based queries, significantly slashing time and costs. This isn't just theory; it's a proven solution vetted by top pharma companies. Don't miss out—register now for an exclusive look into the future of streamlined, efficient pharma data utilization!

In this webinar you will hear about:

  • Fast-track auto-creation of a dynamic data foundation
  • Low-code/no-code simplicity for seamless integration
  • A demo of our Lightning-fast queries with Large Language Model (LLM)
  • Proven solution validated by leading pharma companies
  • Exclusive insights into the future of efficient pharma data utilization.

Speaker: Shahar Cohen CTO at Verix

Shahar heads Verix’s AI lab, leading the innovation behind the Tovana™ platform. A Data science researcher with 20 years of experience in starting and leading complex data ventures. He co-founded two AI / Machine learning startups: Optimove and YellowRoad, and worked as a consultant and hands-on service provider with more than 50 organizations, in a variety of domains: NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Classic Supervised & Unsupervised Learning and in many verticals.

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