AI-Powered Field Sales & Home Office Teams: Practical applications of AI analytics to enhance field force effectiveness


Commercial pharmaceutical field sales and home office teams are facing the perfect storm of challenges to reaching their revenue goals, including harder to reach/influence HCPs (a sales effectiveness problem), difficulty determining brand performance drivers from abundant data (a root cause analysis problem), and staying on top of competitive and market dynamics on a subnational level (a competitive analysis problem).

Join pharmaceutical industry experts from ZS and AI analytics experts from Tellius for a webinar to discuss how leading pharmaceutical companies are applying AI-driven approaches to improving field force effectiveness, brand insights generation, optimizing marketing strategies, and improving overall efficiency.

Field Sales Leaders should join this webinar to learn:

  • Strategies to leverage AI for enhancing geographic sales analysis and execution
  • Insights on optimizing HCP targeting through advanced analytics
  • Approaches for improving responsiveness to market dynamics and competitive threats
  • Insights on territory performance with respect to quota attainments

Home Office Leaders (i.e., Brand, Insights, and Analytics Leads) should join this webinar to learn:

  • Techniques for conducting comprehensive brand performance and competitor analysis using AI
  • Strategies for utilizing subnational insights to inform targeted marketing and sales initiatives
  • Practical applications and real-world success stories of AI analytics in enhancing brand strategies


  • Mike Marolda, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tellius
  • Kapil Pant, Partner, ZS
  • Seerat Arora, Business Technology Manager, ZS

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